A conversation about a sculpture

Posted on Apr 8, 2013

TalkDo you know a plumber, mechanic, auctioneer, physicist, neurologist or anthropologist who’d be willing to help me with a project?

I posted here a little while ago about an upcoming project for which I want to speak to people from a range of professions. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far, I am now looking for people from the professions above (or similar).

It would take about an hour of your time and the conversation would happen at Leeds Art Gallery between 20 and 26 April.

We will use the sculpture ‘Atom Body Was Light’ by Liliane Lijn as a starting point for a conversation exploring the meaning of art objects and different ideas of ‘value.’  The plan is to use the conversations as inspiration and content for an artists’ book.

Please contact me on ameliacrouch@hotmail.com if you can help.