Between the lines

Posted on Mar 18, 2013

Lap and Skirt2I am happy to have had a piece of my work included in an online ‘curated selection’ on Axis. Curator Helen Hillyard has chosen 6 artists for her selection “Between The Lines: Exploring Language Systems.”

The full list of artists is as follows and there’s some really interesting work included so check them out!

Anne Charnock, Amelia Crouch, AnnaLuisa Dionello, Claire Hope, Kate Pickering, Claire Tindale.

Language is never neutral or transparent yet, knowing this, how might we communicate ourselves? The artists represented in this curated selection all use language – be it written or spoken – as their primary material. Yet in each instance language is subverted, communication is purposely broken down, and it is up to the viewer to interpret what is being said: they must read between the lines.