Hope from Dead End Town

Posted on Aug 4, 2013

DeadEndTownI have a piece of work in the third Black Dogs Quarterly, ‘Hope from Dead End Town.’ Featuring work from Black Dogs and associates, the publication responds to recollections of growing up in what, to our young minds, always seem/ed like ‘dead end towns’, and what got us through it. For many, music and youth culture might have played a big part, but for others, books, sports, computer games, hiding in their room, or, of course, hanging out in the park with a bottle of cheap cider and a shared pack of Silk Cut, were just as much comfort. For each of us, what we do while we’re waiting to escape, or are dreaming of escaping, carve out very different, but equally formative experiences. The content of this book is drawn from memories and snapshots, strategies and advice, both good and bad.

Available to buy for £7 from the Black Dogs website.