Participants needed

Posted on Feb 11, 2013

Atom Body Was Light, 1964 by Liliane Lijn

Are you someone with a professional interest that reflects or shapes the way that you see the world? If so, I’d like to interview you as part of a project about art, meaning, value and utility.

teacher, doctor, author, anthropologist, lawyer, banker, plumber, joiner, furniture maker, politician auctioneer, psychiatrist, neurologist, physicist, biologist, engineer.

I am seeking people from a range of professions, who are based in Leeds and who would be willing to speak with me about a chosen artwork – the sculpture ‘Atom Body Was Light’ by Liliane Lijn. The professions above are some suggestions but if you work in another field and would be interested in taking part then please get in touch.

Contact Amelia Crouch on:

We will use the sculpture as a starting point to talk both about the different ways that an artwork might be valued or understood and to talk about what you do and about what is valued in your profession. The interviews will result in the production of an artists’ book. No prior interest in or knowledge of art is necessary.

Interviews will take place at Leeds Art Gallery during early April and last a maximum of 1 hour.

The project is kindly supported by Leeds Inspired, Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute. Image courtesy of the artist and Riflemaker. (Above image: ‘Atom Body Was Light,’ 1964, by Liliane Lijn).