Avoidance tactics

RockabyeSnoringI am finding, whilst in Finland, that I am being very good at avoiding doing the projects that I was intending to focus on during my residency. These are 1) the Canada footage with new additional footage of Finland and 2) writing up some interviews I did with people in Leeds before I left about a sculpture by the artist Lilliane Lijn and turning them into an artists’ book. Instead I have been playing with words!

During my first week here I made two short text animations based around the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and ‘If’ and ‘But.’ Here are a couple of still images. I am not posting the video yet because I think maybe I still have some work to do with the rhythm/timing of how the words appear on screen. Also I am probably going to include them in an upcoming exhibition in Leeds/Ghent in August and would maybe like to wait and post them with some images of the work as installed.

I am also writing some little text pieces using letters from longer words. For example, from the word ‘OTHERWISE’:

These terse
either RISE or REST
wits we tore
their worst wish

I am trying to persuade myself that these works are actually a form of practical research for the book I will make based on the Lijn interviews….but really I am doing them because I am finding focusing on that work really hard! Actually I am progressing the book work but S>>L>>O>>W>>L>>Y. So more about that another time.