(Filmed in) Tallinn

Some of us from the residency went on a very quick day trip to Tallinn at the end of last week. The old town is really beautiful, as Violet Shum (another artist here) said: “It looks like a painting.” So, today I found myself wondering whether many films have been shot in Tallinn. Also how different did the town look during the Soviet era? Less colourfully painted perhaps? This travel blog suggests that one third of the old town was destroyed during WWII and that Soviet plans would have been to tear down the old town, which was seen as a relic of merchant Capitalism. However they ran out of money to do so.

A bit of internet searching reveals that Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky was shot there, but in abandoned buildings, a chemical plant and a power station, so rather a counterpoint to the old town setting.

I am sure many other films, Estonian and otherwise, have been shot there. If you know any that use the old town setting, or other parts of Tallinn, in a visually interesting way then let me know.