Love letters – Measures of Distance

Last week I had a conversation with a friend about the programming of an arts organisation whose work I am generally interested in – I find it enjoyable but, as I said to her, “I do not love it.” This prompted me to ask myself the question: “what works of art do I love?” and I started to make a list. If I manage to keep it up, I am planning to write a series of blog posts about the works over the coming weeks.

To start off with, I thought I’d post a link to piece of writing I wrote a few years ago about the artwork ‘Measures of Distance’by Mona Hatoum. It’s a little bit of an unresolved piece, slightly awkward, but I still like parts of it. I think of it as a kind of love letter to Hatoum’s work of art. It was written for the publication RITE, 2010, published by Open Dialogues and New Work Network.The design/layout is by Wood McGrath.

Most of the works I can think of that I love are artists’ films or videos. This could show that I’m working in the right way myself, making videos at the moment. Or it could just be that I have video on the brain!