This morning I am heading to the printer to get a copy of these printed. They are from a collection of 5 titled: ‘Elsewhere,’ ‘Otherwise,’ ‘Tomorrow,’ ‘Bygones’ and ‘Meanwhile.’ You can work out which ones these are! They are postcard sized and are a work in progress; we don’t have a colour printer here so this will be the first time I see them as hard copy rather than on a screen. Hopefully they will look okay to put in our end of residency exhibition that happens on Saturday alongside a local event at Heiska.




I am starting to think that maybe I’d like to produce them as a multiple/artist book as a collection of postcards. I would like to screen print the text onto the background (might need to re-think colours a bit). However this could take a while to sort out. I have only done screen printing a couple of times before before and wasn’t especially good at it…