No Tomorrow: Artistic license vs. conceptual rigour

The trouble with doing projects quickly, is that you can make mistakes. My text pieces (previous post) are meant to be made up of letters from other, longer, words. One of those words is ‘tomorrow’. However I have somehow put a stray ‘n’ in there to make the words ‘torn’ and ‘morn.’ Oh dear!


At first I wondered if I could get away with it. I really like that text and the words were just the starting point, right? Couldn’t I depart from them? But I don’t think this makes sense within the parameters of the piece. So then I made a joke that I could do another one called ‘no tomorrow.’ Now I am starting to think perhaps this doesn’t have to be a joke. The design would have to be different, much blanker with no nice nature photos, but maybe it could be the beginning of a new work (on pessimism and hedonism?!). I did already have a slight feeling that ‘tomorrow’ was a bit different than the other words. It is more specific than ‘meanwhile’ or ‘otherwise.’

On a positive note, going to the printer was really helpful. I had a test version of each card printed on a matt, textured cardboard and one with a silk coat. Actually neither are quite right because the texture was too pronounced and didn’t totally take the ink. The silk one is slightly too shiny. But the colours and designs look really good together and now I have a better idea of the card stock I want (something between the two!). The way the texts sit on the images is really nice and not too flat using the matt finish. So maybe I don’t need screen printing after all.