The ones that got away

Interp-679x288Today I had a meeting with some other artists that I know in Leeds to get some feedback about the book I am making (and have been struggling with). I have been sharing the book with a few people online and in real life and it has been really useful to get their help and ideas. Generally and thankfully there seems to be a fairly positive response to the piece and to what I have included in it, although I still have some decisions to make about how to format, print and disseminate the book.

For the moment I thought I would share on this blog some of the content that hasn’t quite made it into the book. There were some nice things that people said that just don’t ‘fit’ into the overall flow if the piece. It has certainly been a bit of a challenge to decide how much to put in and how much to leave out!

First up (above) a couple of comments about additional interpretation (labels and hand outs) used in galleries. I gave the people I was talking to a bit of extra information about the sculpture we were looking at and asked how they felt about this.